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About the Founder. 

Latresa Baker also known as Yah'El Bat-Yisra'el is a Video Producer trained and experienced in videography, editing, production coordination and acting. She is an Award-winning Filmmaker, a TV Producer at Manhattan Neighborhood Network, and an active member of New York Women in Film and Television. Latresa's career has been ever evolving since her arrival in New York City from Pennsylvania in 2007. Her adventure began as a BFA Theater major. She later received conservatory training for on-camera acting and in 2017 she launched (via a successful crowdfunding campaign) her video production company, formerly known as Millennial Renaissance Media, now Phenomenal Woman Media Group. Over a decade of on-camera acting experience adds a unique perspective to Latresa’s craft of storytelling through videography and editing. 


Latresa’s mission as an artist is to produce quality short-form content that entertains, stimulates the mind and heals the soul. For more information on services provided by Latresa and her seasoned team of artists at Phenomenal Woman Media Group, please follow the company's Instagram: @PhenomenalWomanMedia

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